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We don't sell water, we are passionate in improving the supply of water to clients that love drinking it. 

Water Cooler Chrischurch

Quench your thirst

Celabit’s desire is to develop the water cooler industry into a new era, with service second to no other.

  • free installation

  • plumbed in or bottled water cooler

  • full range available

  • includes all regular cleaning + sanitizing

  • includes filter cartridge replacements

  • includes all emergency call-outs

  • cool + cold taps

  • hot + cold taps available

Filter your water

Free installations, Free back up service, Free filter cartridge replacements, Free emergency callouts.

Our Water Story

All our water coolers are Filtered

Water Filter Cartridge Christchurch

Need to get that chlorine out of your water?

Water Christchurch

Keeping our drinking water as pure as it should be.

All our water coolers are filtered with the finest grade carbon cartridge filters available on the market.


Removing particles as small as 0.5 microns in size and chlorine taste / odour in water.

Our water story

Over 28 years experience has cemented Celabit Water in the New Zealand water supply industry.

We don't sell water, we are passionate in improving the supply of water to clients that love drinking it. 

Celabit Water Coolers and Filtration “Water with a Clear Conscience“ delivers our own New Zealand’s water to you, Refined, Filtered, Chilled.

Celabit Water was established in 1998 with the simple aim of providing a range of quality pure water coolers, water filters and water supply services to your business, home and events.

In today’s 
world we are only just starting to understand the importance of clean water.

Celabit water is 100% New Zealand owned. We are environmentally responsible and are committed to the sustainability of New Zealand. We offer total water solutions throughout Christchurch and Canterbury region.

The Director, Derek McKee, was South Island manager of New Zealand’s largest water cooler company for seven years, prior to founding 
Celabit Water. Over 28 years experience has cemented Celabit
 Water in the New Zealand water supply industry.


Still thirsty?
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Celabit Water Ltd.

Manager: Derek McKee


PO Box 2012,



Thank you for enquiring, we will be in touch shortly.

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